I would like to register the following products:

includes FontFinder, PixShow, PixPrint, and PixViewer!

____ copies of ***SUPER-BUNDLE*** $64.95 each                     __________

Save on Combo Bundles!

____ copies of FontFinder,  PixPrint and PixViewer $55.00 each    __________

____ copies of FontFinder AND PixViewer $40.00 each               __________

____ copies of PixPrint AND PixViewer   $40.00 each               __________

____ copies of FontFinder AND PixShow   $45.00 each               __________

____ copies of FontFinder AND PixPrint  $45.00 each               __________

____ copies of PixShow AND PixPrint     $45.00 each               __________

Single Software Solutions

____ copies of FontFinder $25.00 each               __________

____ copies of PixShow $29.95 each                  __________
____ copies of PixPrint $29.95 each                 __________

____ copies of PixViewer $18.00 each                __________

If you are a REGISTERED user of PixShow, you can purchase
PixPrint for a special limited time offer of just $19.95!

____ copies of PixPrint $19.95 each                 __________
     (PixShow Registered users only)

Software Upgrades for Registered Users Only
Upgrade to the latest version for a special price!

____ copies of FontFinder $15.00 each               __________

____ copies of PixShow $15.00 each                  __________
____ copies of PixPrint $15.00 each                 __________

                                     TOTAL ENCLOSED __________
                        (all payments must be in US funds only)

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We NEED your email address to send you the registration code!

One registration is required for each computer that will run the program.

Upon receipt of this order form and the appropriate funds, your registration
code will be immediately sent to you via email.

Thank you for registering a Sunshine Software product. We encourage you to try our
software free for 30 days with our trial software available on our web site before
registering. It is exactly the same code and will work in exactly the same way on 
your system. This lets you test it on YOUR particular system BEFORE you register.
Because of copyright law and method of distribution, you can NOT return a 
registration for refund after registering
. To be sure everything works as you
expect, use our free 30 day trial first. Refunds are not available once you have
registered. Thank you for your interest in Sunshine Software products!

Registering also includes unlimited FREE updates for 90 days from date of registration!

Please print and complete the following order form for registering all
Sunshine Software products. Then mail this form with payment to:

Sunshine Software
2737 Baldwin Street
Jenison, MI 49428