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PixShowTM is a unique graphics browser that allows you to instantly view JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, TIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, BMP, ICO, WMF, and AVI animation files with a single click of the mouse! The built-in PixEditor allows you to easily adjust color, brightness, contrast, add special effects, border effects, change color resolution, and more. Thumbnail Explorer lets you browse your image folders with Thumbnail displays of all your images. ThumbPix Creator lets you design composite image files with exciting 3D effects. TWAIN devices are supported to acquire images directly into PixShow's editor. Its built-in graphics file manager allows you to move, copy, and delete files, add/delete folders, set file attributes, and link each file type to an external graphics editor of your choice. Now you can instantly set your Windows desktop wallpaper right from within PixShow plus capture your entire computer screen. You can also turn any number of your graphic images into a PixAlbum, a photo album style printout of your selected images with corresponding captions or filenames with adjustable page layout. You can use the Web Wizard to then publish your PixAlbums on the Internet. Create PixSheets, a digital version of a photographer's "Contact Sheet" or proof sheet to preview and printout with just two clicks of your mouse! Quickly view EXIF Extended Image Information embedded in your digital camera image files. You can also run a PixShow, a slide show type presentation of all selected file types in a specified directory. Resizable screens allow you to instantly zoom an image from a thumb nail to full screen. It also offers bookmarks to instantly browse your favorite directories plus a powerful new search engine to quickly search a drive or your entire computer for a file. Distributed as shareware, it is only $29.95 to register after the free 30 day trial period. You can now register on-line using a credit card for $32.95 using a secure server.

*** Awarded the Ziff Davis ZDNet Highest 5 Star Rating ***

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Windows 95,
Windows 98,
or NT

users: please
read the
Upgrade Policy
for PixShow 7


Latest 7.88 features include

  • Received ZDNet's hightest 5 STAR rating!
  • All new Border Effects! Edit your images, or print out without editing your image files!
  • Border effects include Drop Shadow, White Border with Drop Shadow, Bevel, and more!
  • Print captions on photos or under photos with selectable font color.
  • Print EXIF Date/Time info as caption when printing
  • View EXIF Extended Image Information from digital camera image files
  • Incremental File Renaming (ds0001.jpg, ds0002.jpg becomes Kevin's Birthday_001.jpg, Kevin's Birthday_002.jpg) is quick and easy!
  • Rotate Images for printing PixAlbums without creating a new image file
  • Radial Adjust Tool to correct for Barrel Distortion and Pin Cushion effects (or create your own fx)
  • PixSheets - a digital photographer's "Contact Sheet" or proof sheet with only 2 mouse clicks!
  • More powerful PixEditor with Red Eye Reduction tool!
  • Publish your PixAlbums (photo albums) on the WEB with our Web Wizard!
  • Thumbnail Explorer to browse your image files with Thumbnail images
  • Convert and save your images in Thumbnails with user selectable format
  • ThumbPix Creator lets you quickly create composite image files like a photographer's proof sheets
  • Main screen shows File name, size, type, and date with ascending/descending sort
  • Print a Folder (directory) listing showing Filename, Size, Type, and Last Date Modified
  • Add 3D effects and background images to your ThumbPix
  • PixConverter let's you resize, compress, and convert with on-screen results
  • Supports TWAIN devices for acquiring your images directly into PixShow's Editor
  • PixAlbum Maker lets you instantly create photo album style printout of your graphics
  • Screen Capture feature let's you instantly capture your entire screen display with a single click
  • Can be configured to be your default Windows image viewer
  • Double click any supported file type in Explorer and PixShow will display it
  • Set your desktop wallpaper right within PixShow
  • Powerful new search engine let's you find and view your files quickly and easily
  • Bookmarks to instantly navigate your favorite directories
  • AVI animation file support - open and play with a single mouse click
  • Supports JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, BMP, WMF, ICO, and AVI
  • Animated GIF support
  • New toolbar to quickly navigate the functions
  • AutoZoom fills the screen while keeping the aspect ratio
  • Delete to ReCycle Bin
  • Linking to your favorite graphics editor for instant editing of your graphics!
  • Add/Remove Folders (directories)
  • Set graphic file Attributes
PixShow is
distributed as

Free to try,
$29.95 to keep.

You must
register if used
beyond the
30 day trial.

Viewing, editing, thumbnails, ThumbPix, conversion, and MORE with PixShow 7.0!

PixShowTM Features

  • View a list of your graphic files in a specified directory
  • Find the graphic you need quickly
  • Acquire images with a TWAIN device
  • Resize the window, and your graphic resizes with it providing instant zoom!
  • Print PixAlbums - photo albums of your favorites
  • Graphic File Manager lets you move, copy, and delete your graphic files
  • Browse two directories at once previewing your graphic files
  • Run a PixShow... a slide show presentation of your graphics in a directory
  • Link to your favorite Graphics Editor for instant editing of your graphics files